Simple & Vegetable Bolognese



After a much too long hiatus– WE ARE BACK! Life has a way of getting away from you, but rest assured, we didn’t spend the last couple months eating Top Ramen and Take-Out! We have managed to get out, eat some great food and even perfected the art of making omelettes (We will have to make a post about that soon).

What got us back into the kitchen with the camera was the realization that it’s been a year since we went to Los Angeles Food & Wine for an awesome night hosted by Giada De Laurentiis! With that in mind, we decided to create a meal in Giada’s honor utilizing two of her favorite Bolognese recipes: Vegetarian (Vegetable Bolognese) and Meaty (Simple Bolognese). After experiencing both, they are now two of our favorites as well! (more…)

Thai Yellow Chicken Curry Pot Pie

currypotpieWith my Friday meeting cancelled, I was excited to find myself with a free day. California finally got hit with some much needed rain, so it was a perfect setting for a new Supper For One recipe at home.  In the middle of yoga class that morning, Daniel whispered to me, “We need to make Chicken Curry Pot Pie.” He comes up with the best foodie ideas at the most random times!

We’ve been on a curry kick lately so it was the perfect fusion between the classic Chicken Pot Pie with an Asian twist. It was a quick and easy recipe so we hope you enjoy it.  We did learn one important thing during this recipe adventure–unless you like the feeling of having all your tastebuds burned off, one Thai Chile Pepper is enough!


Pancit, Butter & Garlic Shrimp and Beef Stir Fry



The Supper For One Road Show continued this past weekend with a trip to the Philippines! Okay, so we didn’t really take the 14-hour Red Eye out of LAX for this post, but we did head up to mom’s kitchen to learn a few tricks from the islands! Since we cooked an All American meal with Daniel’s cousins for our last post, this post was all about Asian inspired recipes.

Attempting to create small serving sized meals in a Filipino household is like trying to take a cat for a walk on a leash; it can be done, but the looks you will get will make you question your sanity. Filipinos are known for their family sized servings and between Daniel, myself and six of my family members–a huge sized serving was necessary for this post! If you would like to half or quarter these recipes, things will turn out just fine. (more…)

Stuffed 50/50 Buffalo Bacon Burgers & BBQ Baked Beans


The title of this post should be fair warning to those still counting calories for their New Year’s resolution; this combo is all about bold rich flavors for that big bowl game on Sunday!

You can’t always cook small, sometimes you need to have a few friends over and enjoy a great meal together! For this recipe, we packed up the car and took Supper For One on the road to feed some our family & friends. This recipe will feed easily 6-8. It is also very flexible and you can substitute lean ground beef for the buffalo aka bison. We used a higher quality thick cut bacon since we were at Whole Foods but any “mid-shelf” bacon is acceptable. It’s also your call on whether or not you stuff your patties. Since we’ve been wanting to try 50/50 burgers and stuffed burgers we decided to do both… the big game only comes along once a year after all!

Without further adieu, here’s our take on a decadent game time burger along with Ree Drummond’s outstanding BBQ baked beans recipe (more…)

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