About Kathleen


Some people grew up baking with their Grandma. Others learned to perfect family recipes with the help of their Mom. For me, at age 15, I was behind a computer teaching myself how to build websites. I’ve lived alone for the most part of my adulthood so I’ve always used the excuse that it was a waste for me to cook. Not only was I too lazy to cook, but I was finding myself getting tired of eating the same thing for 3 days straight when I did get myself to cook. After turning 30 this year, I decided it was time to trade in my keyboard for an apron (a girl can only eat fast food for so long before getting sick of it).

One of the gifts I received for my 30th birthday was a cookbook from a sweet lady at church. “The Single Cook’s Book: 106 unusual recipes for one-person servings” by Larry Luce was written in 1975 (it still had the receipt from Walden Bookstore in it) and it was quick recipes for people who cook for yourself alone under any circumstances. The recipes are a little outdated and the pictures in the stapled cooking booklet were hand drawn. So, going back to my tech geek roots, SupperForOne.com was born.

This website will include revised recipes from this book as well as other small serving recipes. I don’t think you should always eat alone either so this blog will also include larger serving size recipes, guest bloggers, and foodie reviews. Enjoy!