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Simple & Vegetable Bolognese

After a much too long hiatus– WE ARE BACK! Life has a way of getting away from you, but rest assured, we didn’t spend the last couple months eating Top Ramen and Take-Out! We have managed to get out, eat some great food and even perfected the art of making omelettes (We will have to […]

Thai Yellow Chicken Curry Pot Pie

With my Friday meeting cancelled, I was excited to find myself with a free day. California finally got hit with some much needed rain, so it was a perfect setting for a new Supper For One recipe at home. ┬áIn the middle of yoga class that morning, Daniel whispered to me, “We need to make […]

Pancit, Butter & Garlic Shrimp and Beef Stir Fry

The Supper For One Road Show continued this past weekend with a trip to the Philippines! Okay, so we didn’t really take the 14-hour Red Eye out of LAX for this post, but we did head up to mom’s kitchen to learn a few tricks from the islands! Since we cooked an All American meal […]

Stuffed 50/50 Buffalo Bacon Burgers & BBQ Baked Beans

The title of this post should be fair warning to those still counting calories for their New Year’s resolution; this combo is all about bold rich flavors for that big bowl game on Sunday! You can’t always cook small, sometimes you need to have a few friends over and enjoy a great meal together! For […]

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