Summer Grilling on a Winter Day



Today’s foodie post is brought to you by one of my favorite mommy bloggers (she also happens to be my twin sister), Kristine! Check out her site at She decided to make deconstructive burritos which is a quick and easy recipe that doesn’t require much measuring. Enjoy!

We came off a long week of hectic work schedules and a sick little boy,so Saturday was the perfect time to kind take a breather and stay put for the day. Embracing this very summer like weather in Southern California, we ended up cooking on the grill. With a pound of shrimp in the fridge and some boneless chuck steak, deconstructive burritos kind of just happened. (more…)

My Best Friend: Griddler®

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was that I would post on Supper For One at least once a week. I’m trying my best to get organized so that I prep my recipes in advance, but it is definitely a little harder taking the photos while cooking at the same time. With that being said, I did cook this week, but wasn’t organized enough to take pictures (sorry, but I was hungry and taking pictures would have slowed me down!).

So instead of sharing with you my latest recipe, I wanted to tell you about my Best Friend: Cuisinart’s Griddler. Whether you live alone or have a family, this is a must have for your kitchen! I got excited last night because I perfected cooking my steak on this thing (Set it on High and cook for 2 1/2 minutes then flip and cook for another 2 1/2 minutes). (more…)

Italian Stuffed Mushrooms & Caesar Salad with Homemade Dressing & Croutons

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I spent my whole Holiday vacation eating! I didn’t want the leftovers to go to waste! 😉 After the food coma subsided, we decided that the first Supper For One post of the New Year would consist of a lighter meal: Caesar Salad and Italian Stuff Mushrooms. It was delicious without making me feel overly full which is always nice. This meal also goes great if you pair it with your favorite red wine. Enjoy!



Meatloaf with Bacon & Cheddar Mashed Potatoes and Sauteed Spinach


I bought a couple Ramekins when I wanted to make a Single Serving Deep Dish Cookie A La Mode. They are the perfect dish to use when trying to make small serving meals like this meatloaf.  Meatloaf wasn’t something I grew up eating so I was excited to try something new.

The one thing I love about this recipe is that you change it up easily and make it your own. Add your favorite veggies and herbs to the mix to give it your own special touch. We decided to tie in everything on the plate by adding bacon (baking your bacon in the oven is the way to go) to everything! Enjoy! (more…)

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