Los Angeles Eats – Ayara Thai

After battling almost two hours of traffic and missing lunch, I was excited to sit down to try an array of dishes that Ayara plans to introduce (if they haven’t already) to their menu.  I have stopped by Ayara Thai’s booth at a few food festivals around Los Angeles so I was excited to sit down and have some real deal portions of what they had to offer. I wasn’t disappointed.

Food is more delicious when shared with those you love” seemed like the theme of the evening. A large table was set in the empty building that Ayara Thai will expand into at the end of the year. I didn’t know anyone in the room, but by the end of the night I felt like I just had a delicious meal with close family and friends.  The food came out in huge portions meant to be put at the center of the table to be shared.


My favorite had to be the Spicy Oxtail Soup. The meat was so tender and the spicy kick to it with the chili lime broth was the perfect combination.  I definitely suggest trying out Ayara Thai if are you around the LAX Airport area. Not only will get you get spectacular food, but you will feel like part of the family when you leave. (more…)

Pad Thai Sliders & Spicy Beef Skewers with Peanut Sauce


This Thai recipe post was inspired by the Pad Thai Sauce that I got as a gift when I went to Ayara’s Media dinner last week.  If you guys remember my Los Angeles Times: The Taste post, I first found out about Ayara when they had a booth there. They had delicious Pad Thai Sliders that they served. Since I happened to get the Pad Thai Sauce as a gift (they have 7 different types of sauces), I found it fitting to recreate their Pad Thai Sliders with my own little twist.

The Coleslaw was first created to be a side dish, but after all was plated and we sat down to eat–we made the final call that the Pad Thai sliders tasted the best when topped with the Coleslaw. Make sure you do the same–you won’t be sorry!


And if Pad Thai Sliders weren’t enough, we also paired the meal with Spicy Beef Skewers with Peanut Sauce! This was one meal that I wished I had a lot of leftovers of so I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did. (more…)

Cooking 101 – Corona, Ca.


I know I start many of my posts with, “This is my Favorite Post“–but seriously, this is really my favorite review post since I launched this site.  My Supper For One adventures have mainly taken place in Los Angeles so it was a nice change to go on a foodie adventure in my own neighborhood.  After a long week of work, I usually take a break by watching a movie or going out to dinner.  However, this weekend we got a chance to take our first group cooking class at Cooking 101. The menu for the cooking class included Chile Rellenos, Spanish Rice and Rice Pudding.


Chef Connie was nice enough to sit down with us before the cooking class started. One of the things that I love about Cooking 101 is the fact that they offer cooking classes for kids and not just adults. Chef Connie’s parents owned a restaurant so her passion to cook and teach people how to cook began at an early age. Chef Connie believes that the experience of cooking is an integral part of her life and is a way to connect with her children. Her children must be learning a thing or two because her son Ethan was one of the finalists on Masterchef Junior on Fox with Chef Gordon Ramsay.


Not only does Cooking 101 offer group/private cooking classes for kids and adults, but it is also a full Bistro/Restaurant.  If you come at the right time, you can enjoy a bite to eat while (more…)

2013 Thai Food Festival



With the dawning of another beautiful sunny weekend here in Southern California, we had our hearts set on one thing: what new and exciting foodie adventure does the City of Angels have in store for us?  To that end, the 2013 Thai Food Festival seemed like the perfect opportunity to explore a different cuisine and learn new, unique flavor and texture combinations.

This 1st annual Thai Food Festival was much more than a food tasting event as it was put on by Thailand’s Department of International Trade Promotion ministry.  The festival was to highlight not only the cuisine, but also Thai produced products, services and their rich culture.

Guests in attendance were first greeted by the fine security folks at Paramount Pictures as the event was held at their Melrose Ave headquarters and studios. After checking in, the scene was set by a red carpet at the entrance (we are in Hollywood after all), complete with a backdrop signboard with key sponsors. The tree shaded areas around the food tents were setup with traditional Thai arts and crafts exhibits including intricate umbrella painting, fruit carving, folk dancing and even a Muay Thai martial arts demonstration. You definitely felt like you were getting a crash course in Thai culture. We got a sample of the sights, sounds and of course, the smell and taste of all the food that help shape Thai culture.


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