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The Donut Man: Fresh Strawberries & Tiger Tails

strawberry1aThe Donut Man has been around for over 40 years on the famous Route 66.  They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are best known for their fresh peach and strawberry stuffed donuts and foot long tiger tails.

The Donut Man has been featured on both The Food Network and The Cooking Channel. After a 9pm craving for something sweet, The Donut Man became the destination. Their Strawberry stuffed donut was simply delicious. Fresh strawberries and a light glaze that compliments the donut perfectly.

My favorite has to be their foot long tiger tail. The thought of it sitting on my kitchen counter was enough to wake me up the next day before 8a.m. to devour it with my morning coffee. The donut man will definitely be my go to destination when I’m craving donuts….especially when those cravings come late at night!